Charlotte Doppler is chief of the Winden Police in 2019. She is married to Peter Doppler with whom she has two daughters, Franziska and Elisabeth.

History Edit

1986 Edit

As a student at Winden's high school, Charlotte took an interest in the growing numbers of dead birds she came across, with white spots on their feathers. She documents them in a sketchbook and takes specimens home to put in the freezer. The recurrence of this phenomenon in 2019 — also coinciding with missing children — troubles her greatly.

Charlotte Drawing

Young Charlotte drawing dead birds.

On November 12th, while Charlotte is drawing a dead bird in her sketchbook on the edge of the forest, Jonas Kahnwald (from 2019) comes out of the cave and asks her what year it is. She answers 1986 and the boy goes away.

2019 Edit

Her marriage to Peter is in trouble — he has been visiting a transvestite[2] prostitute, Benni — but they remain married without addressing their estrangement, to the frustration of Franziska.

Notes and references Edit

  1. H.G. Tannhaus confirmed as Charlotte Doppler's grandfather on Dark's official web page.(Source)