Ines Kahnwald is Jonas Kahnwald's adoptive Grandmother. She is seen at her natural age in all three eras of the first season. 

History Edit

In 1953, Ines is seen as the daughter of Daniel Kahnwald, then chief of the Winden Police.

In 1986, she worked as a nurse at Winden Hospital, where she first met Mikkel Nielsen. She took an interest in him and became his confidante. After Mikkel broke his leg, she invited Noah to visit him. Eventually, she adopted him and raised him as Michael Kahnwald

In 2019, she takes Michael's suicide note, marked "Do not open before 4 November 22:13," before the rest of the family can find it. Jonas confronts her about Michael's identity. She hands him the note, which surprises him as he had burned it.

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