Time travel is the process of travelling to a point in the past or future.

Rules Edit

The past, present and future are all connected and affect each other. It is apparently impossible to change the course of events through time travel. Changes to the past made through time travel are already accounted for in the future.

Methods Edit

Wormhole Edit

A wormhole in the Winden Caves opened during an accident in the Winden Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. It had three points connecting it 33 years into to the past and future: 1953 and 2019.

All other known methods of time travel utilize the original wormhole. However, Mikkel Nielsen seems to get transported 33 years into the past outside the caves while running away.

Chair Edit

The chair was a prototype time machine, built in the bunker behind the Doppler cabin by Noah in 1986. It was located directly above the passage in the Winden Caves and amplified the energy from the passage when it was opened.

Apparatus Edit

Instances Edit

Traveller Departure Arrival Method Details
Mikkel Nielsen Nov 4, 2019 Nov 4, 1986
Erik Obendorf Nov 5, 2019 Nov 5, 1953 Chair
Mads Nielsen Nov 5, 1986 Nov 5, 2019 Chair
Yasin Friese Nov 9, 1986 Nov 9, 1953 Chair
Ulrich Nielsen Nov 10, 2019 Nov 10, 1953 Wormhole in caves
Gretchen Nov 10, 1953 Nov 10, 1986 Wormhole in caves
Claudia Tiedemann - Nov 11, 1953
Helge Doppler Nov 12, 1953 Nov 12, 1986 Wormhole in bunker
Jonas Kahnwald Nov 12, 1986 2052[1] Wormhole in bunker

References Edit

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